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Sun Buddies English Cream Golden Retrievers are located near sunny Tampa, Florida.  Our dogs are part of our family first and foremost.  

We came across the English Cream Golden Retriever breed after losing one of our American Golden Retrievers (Aspen) at the age of seven.  We devoted much research into finding some of the healthiest Golden Retrievers around.  None of our English Cream Sun Buddies have had any skin or coat issues or any other problems to speak of.  Although there is no 100% guarantee on a dog’s health, we have found that many of the American Golden Retrievers have had problems with inbreeding and passing along genetic defects.  We have found this to be not as common with English Cream Goldens from other Countries.  They have a lower chance of getting cancer and their average life span is almost two years longer.  Our male (Apollo) was conceived in Russia by an International Champion and his mother was flown back to the States to deliver.  Our females have Champions listed in their pedigrees to Spain, France, Poland, Finland, and Russia.  We picked these white beautiful English Cream Retrievers from some of the top pedigrees with hip, heart, and health screenings. 

Our doggies stay indoors with us where they can receive lots of love and affection.  They sleep with us often and all puppy deliveries happen inside our home with assistance from us.  They are truly part of our family with their own unique personalities.  We are dedicated to breeding the highest quality dogs to improve the breed. We have owned Golden Retrievers since 1997 and have been breeding them since 2002.  We have carefully researched and invested in the highest quality dogs.   Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee! People sometimes refer to the English Cream Retrievers as British Cream Retrievers, White Golden Retrievers or European Golden Retrievers.  They make great companions, family dogs, and Therapy dogs.  Many of our Sun Buddies have received their Canine Good Citizen award.

Thank you so much for visiting our website!  Feel free to keep up with us on our Blog and our Facebook page.  If you have interest in one of our Sun Buddies please press the Contact Us button on the bottom left menu!

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